The Princess Bride: A Grammar Lesson

“You keep misusing that word. I do not think that it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya

I stumbled upon an interesting blog today. The author’s inspiration was this quote from The Princess Bride, one of my favorite childhood movies.

The same Inigo Montoya spouted these famous words: “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” In honor of him, the title given to the blog post is The Inigo Montoya Guide to 27 Commonly Misused Words. Apparently, he is not only a revengeful nomad, but also a grammar snob.

Here are some commonly misused words that the author, Brian Clark, noted:


Complement is something that adds to or supplements something else. Compliment is something nice someone says to you.


Farther is talking about physical distance. Further is talking about an extension of time or degree.


Use hopefully only if you’re describing the way someone spoke, appeared, or acted. Correct: I hope she says yes. Incorrect: Hopefully, she says yes. Incorrect: Hopefully, the weather will be good.


Irregardless is not a word. You can use regardless or irrespective.

If you would like to learn more from Mr. Montoya, you can go to this website:


2 responses to “The Princess Bride: A Grammar Lesson

  1. I absolutely love The Princess Bride, and Inigo just happens to be my favorite character. Thanks for posting this! It made my day!

  2. I just got into an argument (well, not really) last weekend with someone I work with who said “irregardless.” I said that I would pay him $50 if it were a word, so we looked on his iPhone, and it said that it was “nonstandard.” He then proceeded to demand $50–he eventually let it go–saying that it was a word, after all. Ugh.

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